Haase bows out

AN emotional Barry Haase last week gave his valedictory speech after 15 years as a mermber of parliament.

Mr Haase said it was an honour to have represented the electorate of Kalgoorlie and, following the 2010 election and the 2008 electoral redistribution of the federal seat of Kalgoorlie, the constituents of Durack.

During his speech Mr Haase spoke of the 'speech police' and said "We must stop kowtowing to vocal minorities and stand up for the majority.

"We are a democracy, the greatest democracy in the world, and we must retain that greatness for our children and grandchildren.

"We are known internationally as lovable, hardworking, honest larrikins.

"Future generations, just like my generation, must be allowed to enjoy all that it is to be Aust ralian".

Mr Haase spoke of his achievements including getting Giles on the weather map.

According to Mr Haase the central Australian weather data collecting centre did not have Giles on the weather map because the ABC told him there was simply no room on the map of Western Australia to get Giles noted.

Among other things, Mr Haase was responsible for the establishment of a Child Support Agency office in Kalgoorlie and secured $10 million for the Outback Way, a road that links Winton in Queensland through to Laverton in WA.

"Some people in WA are in fact talking about the WA Nationals' call for a federally funded Royalty for Regions program," Mr Haases said.

"Major campaigns are under way, in the hope they can drag themselves over to Canberra on that very platform.

"Even though all candidates need to hang their hat on some aspirational issue, it is worth pointing out that these candidates have apparently not done their homework.

"First and foremost, the federal government does not collect royalties. Secondly, one of the great Howard government programs was the Regional Partnerships Program.

"The electorate of Kalgoorlie, which I held for four terms, saw huge improvements and multiple projects supported by that initiative.

"I know by leaving the seat of Durack in safe Liberal hands many things left undone can be achieved.

"It is imperative to the nation that Durack is not left floundering in the great halls of this place with no voice.

"It is not possible to further entrench Durack as the powerhouse of the nation without the backing of a party room."

Mr Haase concluded his speech thanking collegues, former and current staff, family and friends for the help he had received over the years.

What was shaping up to be a hard-fought contest for the seat of Durack now that the Liberal encumbent has retired, now becomes more of a level playing field for the candidates elect.

The Durack electorate will have a new Liberal candidate to take the place of Mr Haase who will be running against Shane Van Styn representing the Nationals and Labor candidate Darron Keogh.

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